indexedDB table offset,limit and movedBy

Hi ,

Trying to use the indexedDB dataset and wish to implement something like 
dexiejs , the offset and limit , functionalities , 

where we need to read from remote and save the data to local indexedDB table using offset and limit
we try to cut down user need to always read from remote server and only get data from remote unless necessary otherwise they will only use their local indexedDB dataset .

so far from the indexedDB dataset component, i can only find a default dataset function moveBy() , is the closest to the limit / offset manipulation of the dataset, 

so if i wish to do similar to read offset /limit in TMS Webcore indexedDB dataset, how can i do that  ?
i.e. for offset of positive will move forward, for offset of negative index will move backward , sort by /order by the primary key . ID integer field.


This is in beta and at this time documentation & samples are not yet ready.
Support will be offered when this is ready.