In TTMSFNCPopup style is lost in popup control

The Form has a TStyleBook with an activated style, the ContentControl of the TTMSFNCPopup is a TLayout. The layout background in the style is dark gray but when it popups it appears white. How can I solve this?

By default, TLayout is transparent, I suggest to add some kind of panel that picks up the style of the TStyleBook automatically. TTMSFNCPopup has a white background by default.

Thanks for the information. Placing the TTMSFNCButtons on a TRectangle works for the background on popup. I am using a dark style in my app. The buttons are drawn styled, but the mouse over effect of the buttons are not styled, it seems that the standard windows style is used (the styled mouse over effect should be a gray background but the background is drawn blue).

Creating a custom style solves the problem (e.g. toolbutton_nol instead of toolbutton).

Thanks for the info!