In TAdvDBLookupComboBox , columns AutoSize don't use header titles widths

In TAdvDBLookupComboBox , columns AutoSize property processes don't use header titles widths.
GridHeaderAutoSize property sounds that could help it, but it's used just for vertical purposes (header height) and does not affect column width.
I don't know if you have another documented way to achieve this.
I added this:

      if FColumns[i].AutoSize and ((dr.Right + 12) > cw[i]) then
         cw[i] := dr.Right + 12;

to TAdvDBLookupComboBox.ShowGridList at line 2473 as the last statement inside of
if GridHeaderAutoSize then begin , and it helped.

We applied an improvement to also take the header title size in account.
This improvement will be in the next update.