Import a Delphi project

Is it possible to import a Delphi project?

What Delphi version and what TMS Web Core version? We are providing support for the latest versions, but as long you have a valid .dpr and .dproj should work out of the box, but there could be some incompatibilities, so please, feel free to post your issues here, so we can review them?

I am using DE7 and TMS WEb Core 1.5
In VCS I have TWS Web Core 0.0.3 (That's a pretty low veriosn no).

IN VCS is used Open file and select the .dproj file.

The 0.0.3000 is the version number of the VSC plugin, not of the TMS Web Core version you have. In any case, don't worry, what you have to do with VSC is to open the folder that contains the .dpr and the .dproj, and it will select the project automatically. That is a bit of mind-shift from RAD Studio in the sense that in VSC you open folders, not projects. Please, check it out and let me know if that works. If not, please, send me a sample project and I will review it.


In addition to my previous email I am sending you the link to the website how the app should look like.



Looks good! :slight_smile:

Of the source code I sent you yesterday I had to change some code as OmniPascal cannot deal with ToString property. Attached the modified file concerned. I now can compile and run the app, BUT the designer is still bugging me with the message below. I reported about it yesterday but maybe you are still on it.

Sorry for bomb you with my reports, but I am excited about your work.


MainForm.pas (15.3 KB)

Please, keep posting, your feedback is quite useful to us!!

I would need not only the .pas but also the .dfm, that error is raised when reading properties from it.

Will check with @brunofierens about it.

Okay, I will do that. I am also going through the TMW Web demos. Most of them work ;-)

Attached the dfm file (which should have been in the zip file I sent yesterday).

MainForm.dfm (18.2 KB)

Ok, I can't see the .zip file in this thread, that's the missing piece :-)

Reproduced the issue and contacted with @brunofierens about it, probably is a property inherited from VCL that doesn't make sense on TMS Web Core, so should be ignored when loading the .dfm. Will let you know.

A fix has been applied. The next release will have this solved.

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Ant idea when the next release will be?

With no unexpected issues this week.

Is there any documentation as far as limitations on importing Delphi projects into WebCore? I tend to use Raize Components rather than the default ones. They're now included in GetIt for free, and most are derived from standard components but they have additional properties. I wouldn't expect DevEx or the plethora of TMS Components to be imported. But what CAN it deal with? It would be nice to be able to build an app in Delphi then offer a web version generated with a button click. :)

It's nice to have dreams, isn't it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, with TMS FNC components, I don't think that would be a dream, but a reality :-)

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