-> Image checkboxes???

I need to be able to display images (glyphs) instead of a check box and the glyph should adapt when the checkbox is checked/unchecked.

I have tried several but I don't seem to see which one I should use, if there one actually.
The ideal thing would be add a checked, unchecked and/or grayed glyph property where a bitmap container would be linked to.

Is there anything like that in the VCL full package?
Or any way to do this easily without going through the hassle of a custom draw?

Thanks for any help.


You can investigate this new component we have recently created.
It contains several item types that can be used. There is a CheckItem that can contain an image as well.


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Scheldeman Pieter

I meant to replace the checkbox itself [X] by an image, not add an image to the label.

Sorry, unfortunately at this time we do not have a checkbox with customizable check/uncheck glyph.

In fact the TCheckItem available in the poly list does support this:

There is support for ImageList and GDI+ picturecontainer

Pieter Scheldeman2011-05-20 06:45:27

Actually, I found a way to do it using the TAdvToolButton.
I set it to work as a checkbox and set a Check and a Down glyph. That's it. Works exactly how I wanted :)