howto = TWebPageControl + many TabSheets and components (Visual studio version)

Hi, how to in design mode switch from one tabsheet to another one and see only components on current tabsheet. We can't organize elements on each tabsheet. (delphi hide other tab sheets when choose one)

Change the property TabIndex

Hi Bruno,
this change only tabsheet when run api, but design screen stay always confused under ide.

Are you using the latest release?
If so, how can this be reproduced step by step starting from adding a TWebPageControl on the form?

Hi Bruno,
It's easy to reproduce this bug.

If I do as you say it's ok, until ...
I change the ElementClassName of TWebPageControl to have no border with "border-0" or "border border-white" to hide it, all component on differents tabsheet appears again together, it's the same bug if I change individualy ElementClassName of each TabSheet with same bootstrap css tags. In fact if I change border of PageControl or TabSheets to have no border, components of each tabsheet appears together.

It's a bug ?


If you use custom CSS, it needs to respect certain basic settings.
See this topic & answer:

I don't understand your link, this problem is not mine. I just want see components in diffrents tabsheet not all in one and hide border in Pagecontrol/Tabsheet.

This is my method.
I've just choose Bootstrap 5 css in "Manage Javascript library" and use standard Bt5 tag as border-0 or border border-white with ide (design mode) and all components in different tabsheets appears together.
Is it the same thing with lazarus ? or like delphi tabcontrol keep components visible on each tabsheet ?

Or tell me how to hide border in tabcontrol/Tabsheet..