How to tell which serial port is available on a computer Async VCL

Is there a specific function or event in the Async components which can query which serial ports or port is available on a computer. My problem is we use many different usb to serial adaptors on many different laptops and they are not all on the same port setting (ie port 1, port 2 ... port n). The users can plug in a different usb/serial connector and the port will change with different adapters.
I am using 10.4.0 and the latest Async components.
I use a try/catch but in compiling it throws an error when I test for Comm->Open() and the port # is not available. In the test executable it doesn't throw the error. Want to make sure it isn't doing anything odd and effect the final code.

You can call


to get the list of the available serial ports

Thank you Bruno. I was not aware of that call. It was exactly what I needed.

Kelly Tremblay