Using TVaComm's OnUSBDevicePlugIn and OnUSBDeviceUnplug events with multiport USB Serial Adapter

I have a four-port USB to RS232 adapter that uses the FTDI chipset. When plugging it in and unplugging it, the OnUSBDevicePlugin and OnUSBDeviceUnplug events only seem to fire twice, not four times as expected. The ADeviceNames aren't 100% repeatable, either. Any ideas?

Also interested in this topic. Just discovered these functions to combat intermittent dialog boxes with "Error retrieving statistics (5), Access is denied."

I've not been able to trap this error however discovered yesterday and catches the issue. One device when remote powering it on over USB serial, it cycles the drivers causing this error. This is awesome for a 2-port device. I can auto recover just fine.

However, I have one application that uploads firmware to 24 GPS trackers. Client wants to expand this to 40.

If a hub goes down will the application get notifications for all of the affected ports?

This is crucial because if the port gets unplugged, the app will need to know and close the port to prevent serial port writes to an unplugged USB serial port.