How to set IWAdvImage.PicturURL?


I think I tried every combination from image name only to full path but was not able to get a picture loaded using PicturURL. Would you please be so kind to give me an example for this?

I try to load a gif file 128x128 pixel in


Using IW12 with Delphi XE2, TMS CompPack Pro

Thx in advance


Can you please try entering a relative URL path from where your application executable is located?
If the EXE file is located in the folder "Project1" then the PicturURL value should be "images\access_closed_128.gif"

sorry for my late response; I had to work on another project ...

unfortunately setting "images\access_closed_1258.gif" doesn't work! Setting the picture property to the gif file shows the picture as expected; but setting the PictureURL property will not! I have stored text / picture path combinations in a database table and want to display them in my app, so that the user can select the them (which will start reading detailed information). Is there another way to display different icons during rendering?



Can you have a look at the HTML source that is rendered in the browser to see if the generated path is correct?

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.

Thanks for your respone ... the generated html seems to be correct:

"<img src="Images\access_close_128.gif" name="TTIWADVIMAGE1" border="0" width="141" height="64" class="TTIWADVIMAGE1CSS" id="TTIWADVIMAGE1" tabindex="0">"

The test app is as simple as possible: create a new standalone intraweb app, put an TIWAdvImage comp on the form. Create a new sub directory "Images" in the "wwwroot" folder and store an image there. Set the "PictureURL" property with "Images(your image name" and start the app. In my case no image is shown.

Thx for your assistance !

Seems like FireFox (unlike other browsers) does not accept the backslash in the url path, can you please try using a forward slash instead?


I've created a sample application which is working as expected.
You can download it from the following link:

Thank you very much, your example app works - there must be something wrong with my directory paths ?!

Many thanks again!
grettings Detlev