How to select network adapter/connection ?

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Please point on right direction. Windows application, XDataClient, and some of users has PC with multiple network adapters, and only one has internet connection, and looks like it has lower priority of connection. As a result, my app cannot connect to a server. Do you know any way how to solve problem with XDataClient under Windows, when default connection is not connected to internet?

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Hi Oleksii,

the network configuration on these Windows PC seems to be off. Check the default route setup. Basically the network stack resolves the hostname to an IP-Address. Once resolved the network stack tries to find out how to reach that IP-address. If it cannot find any static route or a network adaptor connecting to that ip-address network, the default route is used, which would generally point to the router connected to the internet.

The solution to this problem is to provide a proper network setup on the Windows machines, by specifying static routes where needed and a default route to the internet router.

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Hi Andreas,

Thank you so much for answer. You right, and I completely agree, PC is not configured correctly, and I always answer my clients how to configure. The nature of problem - clients just connect our network equipment over USB-Network adapter, and believe that all must work. Basically, tend to ignore configuration step, and blame us that internet dependent features does not work. So, i look for a way like in INDY components, to test availability of internet on connections, in INDY it can be done with bindings. That is it. :slight_smile:


Try setting Proxy Mode to automatic: Http Client | TMS Sparkle documentation.

Thank you so much, lets try! Thank you!

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