Once more a Proxy Question

Some of my clients work in very restrictive institutions and do not get supported by server installations of my application. For those I will host the system and wonder if they can use my pc client that is installed in the user appdata dir, thus not requiring any admin rights.

When it comes to connections, will the sparkle resp. remotedb client be able to use the system proxy settings including user and password? Or is it generally neccessary to supply credentials?

I know that some of them had problems using Teamviewer although they were able to install but as the IT departments of those (few) institutions are absolutely uncooperative it is difficult to tell if Teamviewer is blocked for a different reason.

Hi Michael,

Yes, you can use proxy in Sparkle HTTP Client. Please see these topics: 


Thanks. I was asking myself if there is an advantage in replacing indy by the winhttp scparkle client because winhttp uses password and user in proxified environments iwithout having to suplly them. If this is not the case I will stay with Indy as this code is written and tested...

It does, if you set ProxyMode to Auto.

Sparkle is also easier to handle HTTPS communication.