How to print a pdf file using TTMSFNCPrinter?

I am trying to figure how to print a pdf file using the TTMSFNCPrinter component in Android.

Is there any sample?.

Thank you.

TTMSFNCPrinter is designed to print custom graphics, not files. To print files, take a look at the ShowShareSheetAction

But with TShowShareSheetAction the user must select to send to the printer clicking in that button and after that, select the printer, it is not the same.

I am thinking that I can paint the pdf to a bitmap and paint it in the printer canvas, could it be the solution?.

Thank you.

If you have a bitmap, then you can draw the bitmap on the TTMSFNCPrinter graphics

Other products, like Winsoft printing library ( Printing Library for Android ) has a method to print a pdf file ( I think that they have a different descendant of the PrintDocumentAdapter java class for this purpose ), it is a pity that there is not a similar method in the TTMSFNCPrinter.

Thank you.

We'll investigate the capabilities for printing files.