How to prevent dragging of polygons in WebOSMMaps?

How can I prevent the dragging of a polygon (or polyline) object (as the "Circle at Rome" in the example, which should stay at Rome, even if a user tries to drag it ;)?
I tried to set "Allow=false" in the event "OnPolygonDragEnd" , this works in that way, that the circle will flip back to the Rome position when the event fires, but it sometimes creates "ghost circles" (a second or even third  "Rome circle" is automatically created which can be dragged around on the map).

Additional information:

I also tried the Abort command in the event "PolygonDragStart", but this results in a script error.

procedure TFrmMain.WebOSMaps1PolygonDragStart(Sender: TObject;
  IdPolygon: Integer);


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to disable drag and drop of polygons in TWebOSMaps.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version.


thank you for the information. I have some additional suggestions

Depending on the form of the icon (i.g. circles), it is sometimes more suitable to position the icon at its vertical center (instead of the baseline, as with the balloons). It would be nice (if possible) to have a "position option" (bottom, center, top) for the icon when creating a marker. Of cause this cannot be set automatically because the component cannot know the "shape" of the icon.

Polygons (circles)
In our application we use a circle (polygon, not a marker) to "highlight" a currently selected station (groundwater observation well) on the map. But as the radius must be given in meters, we have to recalculate the radius if the map is zoomed (the diameter of the circle (in pixels) should be independent of the zoom setting). It would be nice to have an option to set the circle radius in pixels.


Thank you for your suggestions.
These have been added to the feature-request list and we'll investigate if they can be implemented for the TWebOSMaps control.