How to get WebGMap "Name" from OnMarkerClick Event

How do I get the  WebGMap "Name" property from the OnMarkerClick Event from the Sender:TObject variable, I have four WebGMap components and would like to centralize the business logic through the OnMarkerClick event.


Currently the Sender parameter can't be used to identify the TWebGMaps component.
However this issue has been fixed and the update will be available with the next release.

With the update you can use the following code to get the Name value of the TWebGMaps component:

procedure TForm1.WebGMaps1MarkerClick(Sender: TObject; MarkerTitle: string;
  IdMarker: Integer; Latitude, Longitude: Double; Button: TMouseButton);
  ShowMessage((Sender as TWebGMaps).Name);

Hello, I have the following question, what is the maximum number of markers that can be added to a TTMSFMXWebGMaps?

I need to add 20,000 markers to a map but I can not load 1000 without breaking the program.

Please check this reference with useful information on number of markers in Google Maps: