How to finalize OAuth step in TMSFMXCloudTwitter?


I start to use the TMS FMX Cloud pack, and don't get a point regarding OAuth authentication.

I have installed the TMS custom build of chromium embedded and try to run the twitter demo on win32.

When I connect, the twitter form is displayed. I provide my user and password, and allow access of the application to my twitter account. After this step, a new web page is displayed, that shows a PIN code to provide to my application. No other other left, and when I close the web form, I'm still not connected.

So, how to finalize the OAuth authorization process, and what to do with the pin code provided by twitter?

Any advise welcome,


Did you follow the instructions in the manual? The reason you are seeing a PIN code is because something is missing or incorrect in the configuration of the twitter service application.

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