Can't get Twitterdemo to work

I can't get the Twitter demo to work and I just don't where to look anymore.
I created an application on, which gives me these:

Consumer Key (API Key)

Consumer Secret (API Secret)

Access Level

Read and write


Owner ID

And under Your Access Token:
Access Token
Access Token Secret

Access Level
Read and write


Owner ID

The demo has a APPIDS.INC which contains:
TwitterAppkey = '';
TwitterAppSecret = '';
GAPIkey = '';

And there is a twitter.ini, which contains


I tried all sorts of combinations, the best I get is a Twitter page which grants me Access and gives back another key to fill in the application. But whatever I do, I never get past this point.
Please tell me which of the above I have to fill in where to make tyhe demo work....


Please make sure you have assigned the API Key value to TwitterAPIKey and the API Secret value to TwitterAppSecret in the APPIDS.INC.
(The GAPIKey is only required if you wish to use the Google URL shortener service)

Please note that a 'Callback URL' should also be assigned on the Twitter App page to avoid Twitter asking to enter a PIN code after authentication.

Detailed information can be found here:

And what do I fill in with the Callback URL? I can't read what you filled in on the site you mentioned, and just does not work.

I read a very old post about this subject, and there it states that you only have to fill in the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret and that the Callbacxk URL can be I tried that, but then, after I push the button 'Authorise App' on the Twitter site, the Opened webpage is not found (HTTP 404). When I close the Authorize window I'm back on square one. What can I do?

In our demo, we use:, so you can use but you must make sure that the callback URL is setup EXACTLY the same for your registered Twitter API key.

It works when I use port 8888!
What I missed somewhere is that the Callback URL also has to be somewhere in the application (I guess). I haven't found it yet. Where do you implement the 8888 in the demo?

Settings: AdvTwitter.App.CallBackURL

Found it, thank you!