How to disable debug into TMS source

Hello there,

I have a question on debug procedure.  How do you debug an application that uses TMS packages?  For me I feel it is very hard to debug my own project now. I know this must be my problem, not TMS.

I am looking for a way that debug my own project without debug into TMS source code.

Before I starts to use TMS, debug errors or bugs in my own project were easy. Just turn off "Using Debug DCU" and link with release version of 3rd party's package.

But now I've been struggling weeks on the debug project that uses TMS packages. The problem is I can not bypass the source code debug of TMS units.

The TMS package's AdvToolBar and AdvStyler source code are inevitably jumped in to Debug flow, they are heavily windows messages driven or events driven, interfere my own code's debug procedure severally, because these codes jump to every where, and grab the debug point in no time, in no where, and always get me lost.

It must be some setting in options, but I could not find it, I googled, no luck. It's been weeks now I try to by-pass the TMS source debug and not successful.

I am using Delphi XE,  Vista and Win7 machine.

Any hint will be appreciate.


Did you make sure that the path where the TMS source files are is removed from your library path, only path where the TMS dcu files are should be in your library path.

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I did that before.

I tried to manually  build TMS packages in Release configuration, which I thought the DCUs  shall have no debug information.

The TMS DCUs and BP? files plus the .res files are all put into a release directory and this release directory is in Delphi's lib directory.

Then I removed the TMS source path from Delphi Lib path. I started debug, The IDE asked  the source path of a TMS unit file (in my case, the AdvStyler.pas). This is where I am confused, I thought the DCU or BPL I linked in shall have no Debug information, but obviously for some reason, My project still linked in a debug version of TMS package.

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I should take a close look on DCUs earlier. 

After massive searching on internet, I could not find an answer.

I build the both TMS Debug/Release packages, and check them carefully. There is no enough tools to check the package like C++ world does. I even can not Tdump DCUs. But I noticed that the DCUs in Debug/Release build have exactly same size. This is definitely wrong.  Release version shall have smaller size. Unless Debug is forced to turned on in source code level.

It turns out true. THE DEBUG IS FORCED ON in  every package file, regardless the build configuration!
There is a line  {$DEBUGINFO ON}  in every .dpk file!

Why TMS is doing these?  It put too much debug information on developer's IDE environment, basically totally made TMS user impossible to debug their own code, cause TMS unit such as AdvAppStyle and AdvToolbars frequently grab the debug routine when their events triggered.

I know I can not change the source code, it might be not legal to change TMS source. Any idea to fix this ?