How to Determine a Coordinate Inside A polygon

I have a series of Coordinates that forms a polygon. There are other coordinates too that have to be placed as a marker. These are about 10,000 coordinates. If I place the marker, it would take some time and it may clutter the display. So then, there is this onClick event at the Polygon. But the question is of all the 10,000 coordinates, how to find the specific coordinate/s that is inside the Polygon? BTW, all coordinates are inside the table.

Any help please?

Do I understand correct you have 10000 coordinates in a table and you need to check if a specific coordinate is within this 10000 coordinates , without having these 10000 coordinates loaded & drawn as a polygon on the map?
If this is the case, the TTMSFNCMaps component has at this moment not a built-in function to calculate off-map that a coordinate is within an array of coordinates. This is a non-trivial calculation for which we do not have an implementation. It is handled by a rendered polygon on the map right now.

The 10,000 Coordinates inside the Table are not polygons, they're purposely for marker if that coordinates is/are inside the drawn polygon.

Sorry, at this moment we do not have an algorithm that would process this on coordinates in a table.