How to delete a file from Dropbox without select in TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1


How to delete a specific file from Dropbox without select it first in TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1 ?

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The listbox contains a reference to a TTMSFNCCloudItem collection item. So you need the reference to delete the item. If you don't want to use the listbox, you'll have to maintain your own list. Before any action is taken, you always need to retrieve the list of files once. Alternatively, if you know the FileName (string) of an item, you can also use this to delete the item directly.

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I already know this, but my question is "How to delete a specific file (i know the name of file) from Dropbox without include selection on TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1 ?"

Maybe i want too much if i ask you to reply a example?

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Call TMSFNCCloudDropBox1.Delete("filename'); which will delete the file from dropbox directly.

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