How do I correctly set the decimal separator for the Analytics engine?

Hi, I am having a problem while working with Analytics.
If the system decimal separator is set to ".", then engine interprets it normally and processes it as a float number. But if the system decimal separator is ",", then an error occurs when trying to write a number like 1.23 (see screenshot).

I need to ignore system decimal separator and only work with "." My application starts with this code:

LocalFormatSettings := TFormatSettings.Create;
LocalFormatSettings.DecimalSeparator := '.';
System.SysUtils.FormatSettings := LocalFormatSettings;

But it hasn't worked yet. Tell me please, how to set the local decimal separator correctly for Analytics?

The scheme for converting a string to a number in the engine is as follows:


The last method calls the code:
result := IsReal(value, FormatSettings.Create, x);

A copy of the system settings is created here. Therefore, the decimal separator cannot be set thread-safe.

Is it possible to add the individual FormatSettings property to the TTranslator class? And associate this property with TParser. Then the programmer will be able to create instances with the required formatting settings. It would help a lot)

P.S. Of course, I temporarily overridden the TParser.IsReal code with the required local format settings. But you understand that this is "inelegant" and will fail the first time I update Analytics)