hint text speed button


the FMXSpedButton knows a property 'ShowHint'. That I can set to 'True'.
But I can find where I can write the text for the Hint.

Can any help me?

TMSFMXSpeedButton1.Hint := 'test';

so not feasible in the object inspector

The TMS FMX UI Pack is in maintenance mode. The components have an older architecture where Hints were not a part of the FMX framework, thus not exposed. Currently we are doing bug fixing, but we are not adding new components or new features. For future proof development I recommend to use TMS FNC UI Pack instead.

If I interpret it correctly, the FMX components have been discontinued at the latest with this posting.

  • How long will maintenance be maintained?
  • Does the same apply to the VCL components?

TMS FMX Chart, TMS FMX WebGMaps & TMS FMX WebOSMaps are removed from the product line and replaced with TMS FNC Chart & TMS FNC Maps. TMS FMX Cloud Pack & TMS FMX UI Pack currently have some unique components available that are not yet available in FNC. We'll monitor interest in those components and see when it is feasible to port them. When that happens, TMS FMX UI Pack & TMS FMX Cloud Pack will be removed as well. Until that happens (and this will be communicated quite some time before the actual removal), both TMS FMX UI Pack & TMS FMX Cloud Pack will remain in maintance mode, which means that only bug fixes will be released. Due to the nature of the FMX specific products we decided not to implement new components and features and instead focus our efforts into FNC, which basically means that implementing a feature makes it available for VCL, FMX, TMS WEB Core & Lazarus.

Right now, only the FMX specific products with their unique "style" architecture are being transitioned into FNC. The reason behind this that FNC architecture offers more flexibility and performance compared to the default FMX "style" architecture. The VCL specific components are not affected and will remain up to date.