Hint on Planneritemimage

I have several images that are displayed in the caption of a planneritem.

they are adde by ImageIndexList.Add
example: planneritem.ImageIndexList.Add(1);

Is it possible to display a hint when the mouse is moved over an image depending over what image it is moved?
I just want to explain the user what the images are for. Some are clickable (onitemimageclick) and the user should see in a hint what happens when he will click.

At this time, there is not a built-in option to do this automatically.

It will require some non-trivial code in the Planner.OInItemHint event that uses GetCursorPos() to determine the cursor position when the hint needs to appear and then check with Item.ItemRect in what area of the item rectangle the cursor is to set the hint you want depending on where the mouse cursor is.

Thanks for the answer. I allready thought, that it would be answer like that.

O.k., I will give it a try.  Just wanted to check if there is a simple way before going the hard way  ;-)

Hints on the Itemimages work now. :-)