Help on TWebHttpRequest and TWebClientDataset

Hi, I have this situation:
A TwebHttpRequest that call a Json-rpc service (so I need to pass methods and parameters into headers or Url).
I take the correct node from response with TJSObject and TJsArray to assign to Rows property of TWebClientDataset. All ok, as examples.
Two questions:

  1. Ho w to obtain the best performances on assign dataset and show records? For ex. 10000 records (6 fields) from .Rows to show into a grid take 10 seconds. I speak on common tables as Countries, so I don't want to fetch partial sets in this case (I intend in the future to download them in a IndexedDb for best lookups).
    There are tips for performances (begin updates/endupdates, etc...) for obtain the best performance possible on dataset assign and view in grids or UI? I known that we are not on Delphi exe, but in Javascript.... so I am looking for "local performances" :slight_smile:
  2. How to access the dataset's Delta? There is Applyupdates in TWebClientDataset, but how to obtain delta for update the server database? I "suspect" that must write my custom requests for update via Json-rpc, but where is Delta with modified/deleted/inserted records?
    Thanks in advance,
    (I will wait 1.5 release for new features, great Job)

No answer on my requests?

Hi, still there is no Delta features in TwebClientDataset?
I need to update via services with simple TwebClientDataset and ApllyUpdates.
Xdata dataset have this features but TwebClientDataset no.
I have ask for this some times ago.

Apparently there is no solution that can be used to manage external services other than Xdata with the possibility of carrying out CRUD operations.
I was told that the Delta property was available for TwebClientDataset.
I'm looking for a way to manage Applyupdate with services other than XDATA's but I have not found anything. An alternative solution?

Is it WebClientdataset.GetPendingUpdates you need?

Hi Bruno,
In the meantime I have discovered GetPendingUpdates and it works, thanks.
Any methods for "clear" Delta after I have picked up modified records and "restart" the crud process? (like standard Commitupdates after Applyupdates)
Thanks in advance.

The internal dataset batch list is auto-cleared after calling ApplyUpdates.