HDPI TDBAdvGrid StringToColumnStates and ColumnStatesToString

There appears to be a HDPI problem with saving/restoring column states for TDBAdvGrid when using them on a frame. Here is a screen shot showing the problem I am having. I have a main form which dynamically creates frames on tabsheets containing a TDBAdvGrid and allows you to close them afterwards. I save and restore the column widths in an ini file. The screen shot shows the values saved and retrieved from the ini file when I create the frame and destroy it. I have not changed anything other than loading the data. I'll investigate it further on my side as perhaps it's a problem loading the data rather than these two functions but that is where I am seeing the problem so I wanted to run it by you in case you have any insight that might help.

What Delphi version do you use?
What is the DPI situation? DPI at time of saving? DPI at time of loading?

Delphi 11 Update 3 patch 1
Resolution is shown in the screenshot font scale 500% display resolution 7680 x 3240

I have updated my Delphi with the latest VCL UI pack

I suspect it is something I am doing wrong. I have a grid on a form that I am saving/restoring in a similar way and that works fine but I seem to remember their are issues with frames and HDPI. Please don't waste any time on it for now, I just thought it might have been a known issue with frames. I have to park this job for a bit anyway and it will be a week at least before I am back on it. Many thanks.

Ok, thanks for informing. Let us know if further investigation is needed.