Grouping of Controls on Form

It would be really interesting to have a the feature of grouping multiple controls under one single name.

Again this grouping will not have any effect visually. For this we can always put the controls in a container control and manipulate the container control.

Here by groping I mean something else.

Imaging a user has developed a UI in which the user has to enable or disable a few (let us say 8) controls based on user selection of an Item in a combo box and enable a few other controls also. Again the controls are put together on the form they may be dispersed across the form where one control may be on top and another control may be at the bottom of the form.

The traditional way would be to disable each control using code like for example:
control1.Enable := False;
control2.Enable := False;
and like that.

In the same way Enabling would controls would require to write one line for each control.

Instead of that if there is facility to group controls under one single name the programmer has to only write one single line of code to enable/disable or hide controls like for example:
ControlGroup1.Enable := True;

Again here there should be facility so that one control can be a part of multiple groups.