Grid cell text not bold when adding image

Delphi 10.2 Firemonkey framework

The font is normally bold in the first row of a grid, but when I add an image to the cell, the font change to normal and only cells without image stay bold (see column "Status" in the image below). All otehr columns are bold too, until I add the images.

The font is taken over from the columns until the cell properties are used. Please set UseColumns to False or override the style in the OnGetCellLayout event.

UseColumns set to false does not make any difference, and setting ALayout.Font.Style in the OnGetCellLayout event to TFontStyle.fsBold result in "Incompatible types: 'TFontStyles' and 'TFontStyle'"


The font style is a set

Layout.Font.Style := [TFontStyle.fsBold]