Grid Background Bitmap

In a ADVStringGrid , I want to display a background image in each cell. I use the Background property. The grid has two columns. Each row height and col width is set to the size of the bitmap The first column is fixed. There are 10 rows.The following occurs.

If I set the Background Property Cells to bcNormal, no background is drawn, whether I chose the Display property of bdTile or bdFixed. This is at design time and run time.

If I set the Cells to bcFixed and the Display properrty to bdFixed, the background is drawn on 1 of the fixed cells and moves when scrolling the grid.

If I set the Cells to bcFixed and the Display property to bdTile, then all shows as I hoped, that is there is an image in the background of each fixed cell. 

What am I missing? How do I get this to work for the Normal cells?


Do you set the background bitmap to be used with

grid.Background.Bitmap ?
When doing so, I cannot see an issue here.

Yes I am using the grid.Background.Bitmap property to supply a bitmap for the background of each grid. Thanks

I thought I was doing something wrong in my code. So I created a new project. I dropped a TADVStringGrid on it.  Following are settings.

Cols = 3
Rows = 2
Fixed Cols = 2
Fixed Rows = 0
Background.Bitmap Loaded with an image 350 x 197
BackGround.Cells= bcNormal
Background.Display = bdTile
Background.Left = 0
Background.Top = 0;
The image is repeated in a row that does not exist (ie) it appears to create another row. The image also repeats to the right of the last column if the 3 columns dont exactly fit the client width of the grid.

Set to bcFixed, this works fine.