grid and fixed row


i want to have a livegrid without first fixed row but if i set fixedrow = 0 i've navigation problems : 1 and 2 rows became same, better show different description BUT have same PK key !! i think is a rendering problem or sync with db. If i use the fixed row all go fine ...

have a solution ?



Did you set Fixedrows to 0 at runtime or at designtime? We have tested this here but are unable to reproduce this issue. Can you perhaps send us a sample that is able to reproduce this issue.

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in runtime or designtime have same behaivior !! on your email i sent you an image of issue ...

Sorry, we have tested this here in our demo and are not able to reproduce this. Can you send us a sample that reproduces this issue? How are you retrieving the primary key?

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or i must retrieve it in a different way ? the dataset is syncronized with grid trougth live-binding ...

It might depend on the kind of dataset, so please send us a simple sample that is able to reproduce this. Without more information, we cannot reproduce this here and thus we cannot fix this issue.

hi pieter i sent to you an email with a test and source. Bye

evenctually there is any way to resize heigth = 0 the first fixed row ?

You can hide the fixed row with

  TMSFMXGrid1.RowHeights[0] := 0;

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