LiveBindings handling with FixedRows and FixedFoot


There is a issue with the latest version. LiveBindings handling with FixedRow is problematic when you want to sort a grid having fixedrow > 1. Actually, sortering is always done on the 1st row. Sortering should be done on the header row.

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Sorting cannot be combined with LiveBindings. If you want to sort, you will need to sort the dataset instead. This will allow header rows to always be the last fixed row.


It looks like this worked on previous version.
How can I implement this ? I really want to have the same build-in functions of the grid (marquee to see sort status, working with groups...)

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After applying sorting, the LiveBindings connection still references the same order therefore editing rows will edit the incorrect unsorted row index. If it worked previously then it this is most likely a grid that hasn't been edited as sorting only sorts the internal data of the grid, and not the data fetched from the dataset. Please understand that proper sorting needs to be performed on dataset level, and not on grid level. 

To implement sorting you need to override the OnCanSortColumn event and then set Allow to false, afterwards calling the dataset sort and set the SortColumn index on the column of choice.

Hello Pieter,

I have multiple issues with this version :

Grid is set this way :
- binded to data via livebindings
- FixedFooterRow set to 1
- FixedRow set to 2

As you can see, fixed footer row is filled with data. I expect it to be empty. Fixed footer row is also filled when sorting, filtering...

Sorting handling is not behaving as I expect and don't provide a nice user experience :
- I need to click on row 0 to sort data. It should be row 1.
- Green sorting triangle are displayed on row 0, on my merged cell. It should be row 1.

In regards to "OnCanSortColumn", here is the used code :

procedure TfrmMain.grCAClientCanSortColumn(Sender: TObject; ACol: Integer;
  var Allow: Boolean);
 if ACol = 0 then  exit;
 Allow := false;
 dtmMain.fdmtCAClient.IndexFieldNames :=  lgDSCAClient.Columns[ACol-1].MemberName;
 grCAClient.SortColumn := Acol;

Is their a way to know if columns is sorted ASC or DESC ? I need this info for my dataset to be correctly sorted (FireDAC)

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Did you re-initialise the bindings? As we are not able to reproduce this.
Can you send us a sample that is able to reproduce this here?
We have introduced a new property to control the Fixed Row sorting, by setting TMSFMXGrid1.Options.Sorting.Row := 1; you will be able to sort on the header row.

To know the sort direction you can use the TMSFMXGrid1.SortDirection property.
The next version will include this improvement.

This is the code used to sort the Dataset.

fdmtCAClient is an TFDMemTable
lgDSCAClient is an TLinkGridToDatasource
grCAClient is an TTMSFMXGRid

procedure TfrmMain.grCAClientCanSortColumn(Sender: TObject; ACol: Integer;
  var Allow: Boolean);
  if ACol = 0 then
  Allow := false;

  if grCAClient.SortDirection = sdDescending then
    dtmMain.fdmtCAClient.IndexFieldNames := lgDSCAClient.Columns[ACol - 1].MemberName + ':A';
    dtmMain.fdmtCAClient.IndexFieldNames := lgDSCAClient.Columns[ACol - 1].MemberName + ':D';

Did you reinitialize the bindings after updating the grid? or are you binding everything programmatically?

I din't reinitialize the bindings after updating the grid. What should I exactly do ?
I did used the "Livebinding designer" and linked fields (one by one, not using *)  from bindingdatasource to the tmsfmxgrid.

My grid is v2.2.6.0 and don't have TMSFMXGrid1.Options.Sorting.Row(neither published or public scope)
My TMS Firemonkey pack is

You should clear the bindings and then re-initialize them and see if that fixes the issue. If the issue persists, then you can try to force the FixedRows and FixedFooterRows at runtime, before opening the dataset. The Options.Sorting.Row property has just been added as an improvement, but still needs to be released. In the next version you will be able to use this property to choose a row of choice for sorting.Pieter Scheldeman2016-03-02 09:53:56

I was able to reproduce this.
In design time, no problems, fixed footer row isn't filled.
A run time, I'm loading data from a REST service : fixed footer row is filled.

I've forced the FixedRows and FixedFooterRows at runtime, before opening the dataset but the problem persists.

I can send you a project ?

We received & handled your test project.