Grid and Balloons

I am trying to use the TAdvGrid balloon to show a legend in a column header.  Here is my code.

  grdMain.Balloon.Enable := True;
  grdMain.AddBalloon(7, 0, 'Legend', 'SOE = Simulated Outboard Engine', biInfo);

Unfortunately all of the cells are showing a balloon with the cell's value even though I have not added an "AddBalloon" procedure for that cell.  Also, I have not used the OnCellBalloon event.

What am I doing wrong or is this not the intention for using balloons?  I looked at your example #76 which gave me the idea of using "AddBalloon".


I upgraded to the latest version and the same problem is occurring.

Please set 

grid.Balloon.ShowCell = false
otherwise, it shows the cell value by default when no other specific balloon text for the cell was set.

That did it.  Thanks.