Google Sheets

I've been discussing with Adrian Gallero the ability to use FlexCel to access Google Sheets. He's informed me that at the moment it's not possible to directly read/write google sheets from FlexCel.

However, I know that google sheets can upload a .xlsx file, and also download to a .xlsx file, so I was wondering if this functionality is exposed in the google sheets web api, and if it is, if the cloud pack has the ability to upload/download a local .xlsx file.

If it does, when I need to read a google sheets file I could just use the cloud pack component to download to a temporary .xlsx file and then use FlexCel to read the temp file, and for creating a sheets file, I'll do the same - create a temp file from FlexCel, then use the cloud pack component to upload this to a sheets file.

Thanks for your advice.
Steve Collins.


Unfortunately this feature is currently not supported in TMS VCL Cloud Pack.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll have to investigate if this can be added in a future version.