Get the FlexCell version

In the documentation for finding out which FlexCel version you are using the solution is

//The FlexCelVersion constant in FlexCel.Core contains the current version.

but in VCL_FlexCel_Core I do not find FlexCelVersion

How can I get the FlexCell version ?

Indeed in FlexCel dll it was not included, that was an oversight. We've added a new constant FlexCelDllVersion, which will be available in the next release.

As a workaround until we release it, you could use this code:

function GetFlexCelDllVersion: string;
{$include <path_to_FlexCel_source_install>\}
Result := FlexCelDllVersion;

For the next version, FlexCelDllVersion will be a constant available in VCL_FlexCel_Core