Get TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar event

Hi to all,
there's any way to "handle" the buttonclick linked to a specific button in the toolbar?
In the matter, i need to handle the click when an image button is clicked and, if an image is selected, work on it's file name (i need full image name) .

One more question....
In AdvRichMemo there's an event tha is fired when an image is inserted into the memo?

If the answer(s) is/are no, how i can get the filename of the inserted image and work on it?

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At this moment, there is not a built-in way to intercept this from the standard image insert button in the toolbar. If you need to intercept this somehow, hide the standard "insert image" button and insert a custom button in the toolbar and custom handle the click from this button.

Thank's for reply Bruno.

After some test i found a strange behaviour when i save the body of TAdvRichEditor in html format using TAdvRichEditorHTMLIO component.
Seems that Save() procedure works in different way if the target is file or stream (memory).
If i save to a file all the pictures in html file has the full name (with disk and path), but if i save to steam the pictures have only the name (the disk and path are missing).
Is that normal?

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The image path is set to the path where the local file is generated.
With a stream, there is no local file, hence no path to this local file, so there can't be path info in a stream.

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