Geocoding in WebOSMaps

Are there any plans to include geocoding in WebOSMaps?

I figured that it would have the equivalent of WebGMaps, and use the Nominatim service:


Thank you for your suggestion.
We will investigate if geocoding through the Nominatim service can be included in a future version of WebOSMaps.

Hi Bart,

Has there been any movement regarding geocoding in WebOSMaps?

Hi David,

This feature is on our request list and will be investigated when we start working on an update for WebOSMaps.
Unfortunately there is currently no timeframe available for when this will happen.

Any update on Geocoding in WebOSMaps


Support for Nominatim service is still on our feature request list. However there are currently no plans to include it in TMS FMX WebOSMaps.
If you urgently require support for this service you can make a request for a custom development project via email to: