Generic Report & Merged Cell


In a part of our report we use a generic tag (like: <#DataTable.*>) to paste a dataTable. In our report we have to use a very small column width ? so we have to merge cells together for one column.

Set the Column Width (<#Column Width (autofit;110)>) like in the example does not the job because it affects all the columns ? not only for the table. Is there another solution for this problem?


Thank you, Hannes

"Clickable" link to example:

Autofit will indeed affect all the columns, even if you could use some <#If> to avoid columns. But isn't affecting all the columns of the table what you want?

Can you expand on "it affects all columns, not only in the table?"  It should only affect the columns in the table, unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are referring to.


Thanks for the answer. With "all columns not only in the table" I mean that with autofit the whole column becomes bigger (example: column C, D and E -> therefore I want to merge the cells inside the table - the "outside-column-width" should stay the same.


Thanks, I now I think I got it. But I don't think it could be possible to do something like this, even if we coded some new functionality. The main issue here is that we can't "autofit" by merging cells, because all cells should change when you change the autofit. For example in your image:

When we write the first row: "TestPoint" we see we need to merge 4 cells (I to L). But now imagine that in the next row, we have the value "TestPoint Extended", and for that we need to merge lets say 6 cells (I to N). But now we would have to go back to row 1, and change the merged cell from I to L to I to N. What is worse, we had written 100 at cell M, but now M is part of the merged cell, so you need to move the "100" from cell M to O, and change the merged cells.

I don't think it is feasible to do something like this using reports. You could do it using the API, by first measuring all the strings in the dataset to see which is the biggest cell for each column, then manually calling MergeCells to merge the correct cells and then filling the values.