Generate route containing fix location that muss be visited after start or before a certain location.

I need to generate route for IT supporter.
Start and End location and all intermediate positions works well.
What I need to do is to add locations usually first after the start location where the technician muss pic up some material before visiting the first customer.

See this location list:

  1. Bernerstrasse 30, 5400 Baden (Technician homebase Start from here)
  2. Dorfstrasse 46, 8912 Obfelden (First place to go)
  3. Hauserstrasse 23, 5454 Bellikon
  4. Hedingerstrasse 8, 8905 Arni
  5. Am Wald 45, 2504 Biel
  6. Clos du Velie 1B, 2747 Corcelles
  7. Langäckerstrasse 51, 8957 Spreitenbach (Pickup material fort he next customer Zuchwil (8))
  8. Hauptstrasse 81, 4528 Zuchwil
  9. The Circle 1, Zurich Airport, 8058
  10. Bernerstrasse 30, 5400 Baden (Technician homebase and here)

Location 1and 9 are start and end location.
Location 2 muss be first to visit after start
Location 7 must be before location 8, but location 7 and 8 should be inserted where it fits best in the sequence.
How can I do this automatically without having to create manually optimal sequence for the shortest route.
Thanks in advance and regards

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Currently there are only 2 options provided by the mapping services:

  • Return the route with all waypoints in the original order
  • Return the route with all waypoints in optimized order

Unfortunately there is currently no built-in functionality available to provide a route where a sequence is required for some waypoints.