Adding multiable Routes on the map

I come from MS MapPoint background, I use the maps to display multiable routes for delivery drivers, I am trying to do the same but not succeeding. My scenario is like the following:
It's a delivery system for fast food business, the driver comes and clicks on the order screen which displays the undelivered orders, it could be one or it could be more, with a single order it's fine I can display the route, but if they multiselect orders then I need to show first the Shop Location on the map and then the customer addresses of all the selected orders.
I attached an image of my system using MapPoint as you can see on the map there are 4 points from 1 to 4, 1 is the shop address and from 2 to 4 the customers addresses.



When calculating directions with TMS VCL WebGMaps you can add waypoints to your route which should return a similar route as in your image. You can also add the extra markers for each provided waypoint.
Please have a look at the Directions demo for an example on calculating directions.

Please also have a look at our mapping solution TMS FNC Maps which has similar features with an improved architecture and supports access to multiple mapping services: