Fullscreen a TMS control


First and foremost thank you for your support and support you provide your clients.

I am using C++ Builder XE8 update 1 and I am trying to accomplish moving things to a secondary display and fullscreening them.  For example, I have a toolbar with 8 buttons that will activate TMSFMXPopups windows when clicked.  After the TMSFMXPopup window appears, I want to have a button that will move that TMSFMXPopup window over to the secondary display and make it fullscreen.  I would like to do this with some of the other TMS controls that I have as well.

Do you have a code example or know of how this can be accomplished?  Another example would be a panel that has a couple TMSFMXCircularGauges on it, I would like to be able to freely move that to the secondary display.  I want this application to be able to move smoothly between both displays.

Thanks again,

Sean M.


Do you mean something like a tear off container that creates a form out of the controls that are wrapped, so you can drag the controls from the main form where they are parented, to a new separate form?

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Hi Pieter,

Sorry for the late reply.  Exactly, I have a panel with a linear gauge that I want the user to be able to toggle to the secondary display.  Or detach it and make it free floating.  At this point I am not having much of any luck.  Thank you!


Sean M.