Formatting Groups, Subgroups for clarity

As best as I can work out from the sparse documentation and undocumented and inadequate examples, the detail rows of detail that follow the group or sub group row inherit the formatting of the group or sub group row.

By example:

Group Field Row
        Sub Group Field Row
        Detail Field Row 1
        Detail Field Row n

In this example if "Sub Group Field Row" were set to bold, all the detail rows following would also be bold, irrespective of the cell setting. More confusingly for the user, the alignment is the same, i.e., I can find no way to indent the Detail Field Rows.

Is there any way to format the rows in a grouped grid display for better readability?

How do you set color / alignment in the first place? Via event OnGetCellColor / OnGetAlignment or via properties grid.Colors[] , grid.Alignments[] ?

Normally, when use the events OnGetCellColor / OnGetAlignment you should take in account what row is a detail row and what row not to set the colors & alignment. 
By default, in the grid itself, a detail row's color / alignment will not be affected by its parent row settings.