Form designer doesn't trigger for one specific Form

This is driving me nuts.
Out of nowhere, the form designer does not "trigger" for one of the forms in my project (when pressing ctrl-F12).
Any other pas unit work as expected and I can switch back and forth from designer to code, but this one does not.
Is there any trick to restore the correct functionality? I checked the code on the .dfm, .pas and .html and there is nothing out of the ordinary. Normally I would try to recreate the layout on a new form but it it not practical when the form grows in complexity.
My question is to solve it for good if possible.

Please, can you send me the .pas, .dfm and .html to so I can check what is going on? Are you using Visual Form Inheritance?

I don't use form inheritance. Just sent the files.

Replied to you by email, but the answer should be here for the sake of completeness :slight_smile:

Basically the problem is that the .dproj doesn't contained the right .pas file, so no form could be opened. I'm going to review the operations you performed to improve the error handling, so when this happens, you are not left out without knowing what is going on.

On the other side, in order to open the .dproj as a text file rather than the visual editor, this is how you can do it:

Thanks Jose, it was very helpful.