cannot access 'r' before initialization

Hi guys, after latest version update, I am experiencing a weird issue. When entering a form in the designer, I get an error msg saying "cannot access 'r' before initialization". after that several components disappear from the form.
Needless to say, before the update everything worked smoothly.
Any idea how to circumvent this problem? I have a lot of forms that seem disrupted, and frankly I'm getting into big trouble.

What means "entering a form in the designer"
Does this mean, opening a form in the IDE for designing?
Do you see this error when creating a new form?

yes. when pressing on "Toggle code/design" in VS Code.
No error when creating a new form.
In addition, I once could fix the issue in one form by opening the DFM and emptying the HTML property of a THTMLDiv, But I see it happening event in forms with no DIV.
I dunno if this could help.

Sure it helps, please, send one DFM so I can reproduce it. Thanks!

here it goes.
FrmTripPaymentUnit.dfm (10.3 KB)

another one, for good measure.
FrmEditVehicleUnit.dfm (8.6 KB)

Both these DFM are inherited, and I have tested them and work well, so I guess it should be something on the base form. Please, can you attach also the base form? Thanks!

FrmBaseUnit.dfm (280 Bytes)

I'm having trouble replicating your issue, maybe if you can isolate the problem on a project you can send me, with just one or two units, I can load it and check what is going on: