Force inplace edit to be done?

Using Tokyo

Using latest VCL component pack as of today

I have a grid with in place editors, such as this case, the data picker ( edDateEdit )

It seems they can stay active when you leave them, such as clicking to a menu item and pick something that ends up loading a modal form in my case.

The onEditCellDone event doesn't trigger until user hits the enter key in the editor or clicks somewhere in the grid.

Is there any way to make a call that if the inplace editor IS active that can insure it stops and triggers its done events before moving on? 

HideInplaceEdit does not trigger onEditCellDone to run. Stops it...  but the grid shows the new value but the onEditCellDone does not triger.

It seems it doesn't detect leaving the grid/inplace editor to go somewhere else on the form for certain controls so it would be nice to insure edit actions do happen ( for me, once edit is done, data sent to a stored procedure )