inplace editor for date - problem

Hello, I'm using TAdvStringGrid for editation of record

One field is integer and indicates number of days from start

When editing user can change it - it works fine, but some users prefer to set up date, instead of number of days.

So I add a button to set it from calendar - my idea was - change the type of cell from integer to tdatetime and then show inplace editor. When user finish editing it will recompute date to days and switch back to integer cell.

the code is :

TDateTime datum_do = (int) dat_vyp + doba;
    this->EditGrid->Cells[COL_OBSAH][radek] = datum_do;
    this->EditGrid->Cells[COL_KPTEXT][radek] = datum_do;
    this->EditGrid->Cells[COL_TYP][radek] = TYP_DATUM;
    this->EditGrid->Row = radek;
    this->EditGrid->Col = COL_OBSAH;
    this->EditGrid->FocusCell(COL_OBSAH, radek);

the grid has MouseActions->DirectDateDrop = true;

When I click once it shows calender, but when I clicked in it, calender disappears, and the cursor is in row where I clicked (it looks like the calender not shown)

Where I do something bad?

Interesting is that sometimes it works, I don't have exact steps to do it correct, but it is better when I click on button more than once, or when I open inplace editor for this cell (integer value) then click on button for calendar

This is only partial information. I have no idea about what code you use in OnGetEditorType for example and if you use other editing related events as well as other property settings that could affect this. I'd suggest to isolate this issue and send some sample source project via email to support.

I will try to isolate it and send to you directly

Thank you