FNCPlanner, customdrawing behind the itemshelpers? (was not before)

See the arrow :slight_smile:

I have a customplannercomponent to overide some things like this:
In the OnBeforeDrawItems, i draw all my custom things, traveltimes/distance, gps bars etc.
Before this went well, now with installing latest version, the itemhelpers get begin the customdrawings.
(very strange, because i just paint on the (before Canvas), the AGraphics).
Do i have to do something with layers ?

procedure TTMSFNCPlanner.DrawItems(AGraphics: TTMSFNCGraphics);
  if Assigned(OnBeforeDrawItems) then
    OnBeforeDrawItems(Self, AGraphics);
  if Assigned(OnAfterDrawItems) then
    OnAfterDrawItems(Self, AGraphics);


Can you put together a sample? There isn't anything changed regarding to the drawing of the item helpers. The item helpers are always drawn after the item.