FNCPageControl in WebCore - Tabs with Gradient & FocusRect

I'm using FNCPageControl in a WebForm.

Is there any workaround to hide these sort of dotted focusrect from the active tab text? See it around the text TabItem 2.

(runtime capture)

Another question: Gradients are not showing in the web application. Is it a known limitation ?
In the above image, Tab Item 2 is the active page tab with a gradient fill. In design time it looks like shown below:

All gradients I tried to use were shown transparent in runtime, like in the first image.
Shall I use a distinct set of color constants y/o color ranges? The colors I'm using work well when Fill.Kind = gfkSolid.

(BTW, the FocusRect issue also occurs when Fill.Kind = gfkSolid)


With TMSFNCPageControl1.TabAppearance.ShowFocus you can turn off the focused dotted rectangle. For the gradient, we saw an issue calculating the correct gradient points in TMS WEB Core. This issue is being investigated

Issue with gradient drawing has been fixed. Next version of TMS WEB Core will fix this.

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