OnCellClick i am trying to change color
if arow>0 then
case acol of
if fncgrid.Colors[acol,arow]=gcYellow then fncgrid.Colors[acol,arow]:=gcNull else fncgrid.Colors[acol,arow]:=gcYellow;


Not working. I try clearnormalcells and update data on cells and works like this
click cell[1,1] goes yellow click cell [2,1] goes yellow then click [1,1] and still remans yellow till i click another cell.
Also when i clear all colors with
for c := 1 to 4 do
for r := 1 to fncgrid.RowCount-1 do
everything goes white but when i click a cell not goes yellow.

Please wrap the code with TMSFNCGrid1.BeginUpdate & TMSFNCGrid1.EndUpdate

thank you. Works.

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