Hi, my grid is not changing font color or at least not as should. If I click on fixed column and fontcolor is black then I want to change it to red otherwise black. For some reason I can not see change in fixed column so I set column with index 1 to change color, now I can get color to red but not back to black. can you help me?

here is simple code I have sg_Q is my grid:
if (arow>0) then begin
if sg_Q.FontColors[1,aRow]=TAlphaColorRec.Red then
else sg_Q.FontColors[1,aRow]:=tAlphaColorRec.Red;


I just notice color change but but it is only visible when I click on cell and leave it. Is it possible to do so without?


Please wrap the code with TMSFMXGrid1.BeginUpdate / TMSFMXGrid1.EndUpdate.