FNCGrid does not display/scroll to the last row

I display 10mio. rows via the onGetCellData event.

Selecting a row is fine, but once scrolled down to the end, 1. selection is not possible anymore and 2. it does not even scroll to the last row.

I emailed a sample project with both grids, FNCGris and ADVGrid on the form, both displaying 10mio. rows. The advgrid has no issue and scroll fine, the fnc does not.

In the example (should be compiled as 64 bit), it displays 10mio. rows in both grids. Scroll the left until the end, its not possible. Also selecting a row when its scrolled way down is not possible anymore. The advgrid works fine.


The grid is allocating more memory for each cell than TAdvStringGrid because of cross-platform requirements and therefore is limited to 5.000.000 cells. We'll investigate however how we can decrease memory consumption and see if we can boost the number of cells that the grid can manage.