FNCEdit + Lookup + Aurelius dataset

I have a FNCEdit with lookup enabled. It is bound via livebindings to an Aurelius dataset.

- I enter "up" into the field
- the lookup Displays "update"
- I select this and the field Shows "update"
- I save via the dataset

---> only "up" is part of the update SQL.

What am I missing? 


FNC does not support LiveBindings. The lookup is not LiveBindings enabled. The reason why you can bind to the Text property is because the TTMSFNCEdit inherits from TCustomEdit. We'll investigate if we can add DB support to the TTMSFNCEdit.

The workaround for now is to manually use the OnLookupSelect event and post the value to the dataset:

procedure TForm79.TMSFNCEdit1LookupSelect(Sender: TObject; var Value: string);
  ClientDataSet1.FieldByName('Common_Name').AsString := Value;

>FNC does not support LiveBindings.

I think, I missed that one. :- (

How do I bind my Aureliusdatset to FNC controls?

We are currently planning on adding DB support to various controls through a database adapter. Current controls that are database enabled are:


Thnaks for the info. Any schedule? If I cant awat this, I either have to
switch to FMX UI Pack or implemnet my own transfer methods.

Currently no timeframe. There is a lot going on lately and we need to do some planning first in order to decide which next steps to take. DB support, amongst other important developments improvements in FNC is something that is on or top priority list.