DataBinding TTMSFNCSwitch


Some of TMSFNC visual components do not support LiveBinding.
Also the methods that are triggered when changing the values that I could use by deriving the necessary controls are not defined as virtual.
For example the TTMSFNCSwitch component.
I don't like to use the events that are triggered when values change.

What is the TMSSoftware strategy regarding DataBinding?

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Tiberiu Stoicescu


FNC does not support LiveBindings. Currently, we are offering the following databinding components:

  • TTMSFNCDataBinder (general read-only databinding adapter)
  • TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter
  • TTMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter
  • TTMSFNCKanbanBoardDatabaseAdapter

These component can be added to the form as a separate non-visual component and connected to the component. For the TTMSFNCDataBinder component, you can bind to any component that supports lists & collections as well as single value. More info can be found here:

Note that the TTMSFNCDataBinder component is release not long ago and is in the first version, editing and selection will be worked on in the future.

Hello Pieter,
This post was created about 8 month ago. When can we expect that version when editing, deleting and inserting will work?
Or is this a workaround? The user in my application needs to edit database data using components as TTMSFNCEdit, TTMSFNCDateTimePicker, TTMSFNCMemo etc.

Thank you!

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Right now, we have plans to extend this in 2023, but it's unclear exactly when this will be. There are currently other priorities that we need to handle.